Early Recruiting Has Ended: FALSE

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Early Recruiting Has Ended: FALSE

Post by lngball1984 » Thu Feb 07, 2019 1:47 pm

Early Recruiting Has Ended: FALSE

For those who only read headlines you may think that early recruiting has ended. You may think that colleges are now waiting until your Junior year of high school to begin recruiting players.

As one Division 1 coach said to me last week, "Do parents really think we stopped evaluating players before their Junior year?!?!?!"

The ONLY THING that has changed is that your actual offers will be delayed until 9/1 of your Junior year and you'll have to wait a little longer to post your commitment to Facebook and Instagram.

The decision making process that coaches go through has not changed AT ALL. They are still looking at players, building watchlists and evaluating players early. They are making decisions on players right now.

Scholarships are still WON prior to your Junior year.

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